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Roundcube 2FA

With Protectimus Roundcube 2FA Plugin it takes about 15 minutes to configure two-factor authentication (2FA) in Roundcube and secure access to the Roundcube webmail client with one-time passwords. You can learn more about the Protectimus solution for Roundcube 2FA here.

See below for detailed instructions on setting up Roundcube two-factor authentication (2FA) with Protectimus.

1. Get Registered and Configure Basic Settings

  1. Register with the Protectimus Cloud Service and activate API or install the Protectimus On-Premise Platform.
  2. Add Resource.
  3. Add Users.
  4. Add Tokens or activate Users’ Self Service Portal.
  5. Assign Tokens to Users.
  6. Assign Tokens with Users to the Resource.

2. Download and Setup the Protectimus Roundcube 2FA Plugin

  1. Download the Protectimus Roundcube 2FA Plugin here.
  3. Place the protectimus_otp_authentication dir into the plugins/ folder of your roundcube install.
  5. Enable the protectimus_otp_authentication plugin in config/
    $config['plugins'] = array('protectimus_otp_authentication');
  6. Open and adjust plugins/protectimus_otp_authentication/

    You have to fill in these parameters:
    • This is your login name
      This is your login name
    • You can find api key at Profile -> API Key
    • You don’t need to change this, if you use our cloud service
      $config['protectimus_api_url'] = '';
    • ID of the resource in the Protectimus service
If you use theme skin different from default you need to copy your skin folder to Protectimus plugin.
For example:
cp -a skins/default skins/elastic
Last updated on 2023-11-28