Prices and service plans

All service plans include a $25 initial account balance, which is yours to use at any time
to test our cloud authentication service Protectimus.

*The price is based on software tokens.

Tokens We Use

ImageToken ModelPrice, pcs
Brief DescriptionDescription
PROTECTIMUS ONEPROTECTIMUS ONE--$9.99$8.99$7.99The most popular solution, secure two-factor authentication on your resource at an affordable priceThe most popular solution
PROTECTIMUS TWOPROTECTIMUS TWO$11.99$11.49$10.99$9.99$8.99

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
Bulletproof OTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylishBulletproof TOTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS CRYSTALPROTECTIMUS CRYSTAL$12.99$12.49$11.99$10.99$9.99The most stylish and handy hardware TOTP tokenThe most stylish and handy hardware TOTP token
PROTECTIMUS ULTRAPROTECTIMUS ULTRA--$14.99$13.99$11.99The most secure solution, ideal for the most sensitive system areasOCRA token for the most sensitive system areas
PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINIPROTECTIMUS SLIM NFC$29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99Reprogrammable NFC token, that fits any two-factor authentication systemReprogrammable NFC token
PROTECTIMUS SMARTPROTECTIMUS SMARTfreeAvailable for all key Android and iPhone platformsSoftware token for Android and iPhones
PROTECTIMUS BOTPROTECTIMUS BOTfreeOTP delivery via messenger — easy, secure, convenient. The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger.The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger
PROTECTIMUS SMSPROTECTIMUS SMS$2 per user/monthMinimum hassleMinimum hassle

Cost Comparison

Our competitors claim that they offer the most favorable terms. Is that really so?
Let’s compare and find out what solution is the most cost-effective.

All options offered by Protectimus are more cost-effective

To compare prices, we will assume that our customer needs to provide two-factor authentication for 5000 employees for a period of 5 years. For the sake of comparison, the Protectimus teams offered 3 scenarios based on the service and the platform with the use of software and hardware tokens. Besides these scenarios, we can offer our customers other options for OTP delivery and a wide range of tokens.

This comparison was made based on the most favorable conditions for our competitor. And, if we focus on smaller- or larger-scale customers, the advantages of our solution become even more convincing.

Cloud (subscription)Platform (subscription)Platform (on-premise)
One Time Costs
Software license start-up$15,000
5000 User credential$24,950
Servers (2 physical servers)$4,000$4,000
Hardware Security Modules$12,000$12,000
Total one-time cost$0$16,000$55,950
Annual Recurring Costs
Annual Licence (24/7 support)$30,060$30,060$11,985
General support and maintenance
Token software maintenance
SMS Fees
Total annual recurring cost$30,060$30,060$11,985
Total Cost of Ownership (5 years 5000 users)
Total one time cost$0$16,000$55,950
Total recurring cost$150,300$150,300$59,925
Total cost$150,300$166,300$115,875
Annual total cost per credential$6$6.7$4.6
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