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We have developed two tools that allow you to securely protect your resources from unauthorized access with two-factor authentication. They serve the same purpose, but they differ in the model of the provision of services. To understand which option suits you best, let us review the features of both these tools.

Client and product


Using the service, you can quickly implement two-factor authentication into your Internet project. You do not need to worry about additional equipment, administrators, load distribution, and other infrastructure problems. Everything is already functional and ready for use. This solution is SAAS-based.

You pay only for what you actually use. You may suspend the services provided at any time by simply deactivating your service plan.

If you need two-factor authentication quickly and with minimum effort, choose the service.


As with the service, the platform includes additional tools for gathering and displaying statistics, managing users, and many other useful features. It is intended for installation in your environment. Using the platform will require more work on your part, but you will be rewarded with the full control over all your data and processes! You know that the platform’s efficiency depends only on you and your equipment; you can create the most secure services, blocking access to the system from external sources with an army of firewalls and geeky admins.

If you want to have full control over the authentication system, choose the platform.

Whichever tool you choose, remember: we put our heart into it and tried to make it as convenient for you to use as possible. If you have any questions, you can always contact our technical support service to receive detailed answers to all your questions.

Tokens We Use

Image Token Model Price, pcs
Brief Description Description
PROTECTIMUS ONE PROTECTIMUS ONE $9.99$9.49$8.99$7.99$6.99

$1 when paying service in advance for a year
The most popular solution, secure two-factor authentication on your resource at an affordable price The most popular solution

$1 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS TWO PROTECTIMUS TWO $10.99$10.49$9.99$8.99$7.99

$2 when paying service in advance for a year
Bulletproof OTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish Bulletproof TOTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish

$2 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS ULTRA PROTECTIMUS ULTRA $16.99$15.99$14.99$13.99$11.99 The most secure solution, ideal for the most sensitive system areas OCRA token for the most sensitive system areas
PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINI PROTECTIMUS SLIM NFC $29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99 Reprogrammable NFC token, that fits any two-factor authentication system Reprogrammable NFC token
PROTECTIMUS SMART PROTECTIMUS SMART free Available for all key Android and iPhone platforms Software token for Android and iPhones
PROTECTIMUS SMS PROTECTIMUS SMS $2 per user/month Minimum hassle Minimum hassle
PROTECTIMUS MAIL PROTECTIMUS MAIL free Minimum costs Minimum costs
Knowledge base

Cloud authentication services have a number of advantages. Among all the multi factor authentication solutions, cloud security is one of the most comprehensive SaaS-based tool for effective 2 factor authentication. With cloud security, all strong authentication methods are supported, and the costs are kept on a minimal level. Cloud security integration is fast to start with, especially when turnkey packages are offered like at Protectimus. Cloud security solutions have handy monitoring and management tools. With cloud authentication, you can choose among a wide range of tokens.

You have finally made a decision that you want to keep your data safe with secure authentication methods and ready to apply possible options in your organization. This decision can influence your business greatly: now you can stop thinking of a number of possible risks. At the same time, a couple of more steps need to be taken, such as choosing one of the multi factor authentication solutions. At Protectimus, we offer several 2 factor authentication solutions for your company’s demands. Those solutions can be grouped into two: cloud service and platform. Both simple to use, but ready to serve.

We care about our Customers and acknowledge that although their primary goal is the same - to get an applicable secure authentication system, the required add-ons can vary. You might want to use cloud security service, if your company is small and developing, and you need to obtain a quick solution for your data protection. Cloud based authentication requires minimal effort. Though if you are looking for an option to give you control over authentication server and tools, Protectimus Platform can work best for you.

Today, Protectimus has 2 security authentication solutions designed to satisfy data protection needs: cloud app security and platform-based option. When using cloud based authentication, you basically rely on our system that can be considered as an OTP-server you can utilize 24/7. However, if you install platform solution, you get the entire control over all items that operate to provide secure password authentication. You receive access to monitor the whole authentication security system. And all of the specific functions you require can be discussed with Protectimus team.

We are sure that our authentication solutions are vital for those of you, who want to sleep tight and do more urgent or interesting tasks than constantly checking, if everything is fine with your internal system data. This is why we suggest you to have a look inside our system for free. Sign up free of charge and get $25 added to your Protectimus balance, which you can use later on when setting a plan. Checking the system from the inside will help you decide which OTP solution is best for you: cloud service or platform.

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