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Two-Factor Authentication for Online Gaming and Sports Betting

MFA setup for iGaming platforms
Online gaming security rules require iGaming websites to protect their users with two-factor authentication. Secure your online gaming platform with two-factor authentication software from Protectimus. It is easy to integrate, and your users will have a great choice of OTP tokens from 2FA apps to chatbots in messaging apps Telegram, Messenger, Viber.
  • Set up a Protectimus Two-Factor Authentication Platform on the premises of your online gaming company or integrate with our Cloud 2FA Service not to waste time and money for building your own cluster of 2FA servers.
  • Add two-factor authentication to your users’ accounts, but also protect your staff accounts with MFA to be sure that confidential corporate and users data they have access to is safe.
  • Allow your end users to choose from multiple types of 2FA tokens including hardware tokens, 2FA apps, SMS authentication, and delivering one-time passwords in Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger chatbots.

You will easily do all that using Protectimus two-factor authentication solution for online gaming and gambling.

Mandatory in Most States

Online gambling regulations in most states oblige iGaming platforms to enable multi-factor authentication for their users. The requirement to protect users with MFA in online gambling is reasoned because two-factor authentication prevents such threats as proxy betting, credentials stuffing, hacking accounts with the help of phishing, social engineering, brute force, keyloggers, man-in-the-middle, and similar attacks.

Easy to integrate

It won’t take much effort to implement two-factor authentication into your iGaming infrastructure with the help of Protectimus RESTful API and software development kits for Java, PHP, and Python. You may also choose one of the ready-to-use 2FA integration plugins which greatly simplify the implementation process: RADIUS, ADFS, OWA, RoundCube Windows, Active Directory, and any other directories and databases.

Great Choice of OTP Tokens

Protectimus two-factor authentication is a perfect 2FA solution for online gaming and online gambling websites because it allows you to give users a choice of different two-factor authentication methods to suit all tastes. Free two-factor authentication apps on iOS and Android, programmable and classic hardware OTP tokens, free OTP delivery with the help of chatbots in messaging applications, as well as SMS and email auth.

Key Features

  • RESTful API;
  • SDK for Java, PHP, Python;
  • Integration plugins for RADIUS, ADFS, OWA, RoundCube, Windows and RDP, Active Directory, other directories and databases;
  • Users’ Self Service feature that allows users to enroll tokens themselves and makes the work of two-factor authentication system administrator much easier;
  • Geographic filters, time-based filters, IP-filtering support;
  • Support for classic hardware TOTP tokens Protectimus Two;
  • Support for programmable hardware TOTP tokens Protectimus Flex and Protectimus Slim NFC;
  • Support for free 2FA authenticators on iOS and Android Protectimus Smart OTP, as well as Google Authenticator and other similar apps;
  • Email authentication – one-time passcodes may be sent to end-users via email;
  • SMS authentication – you may add any SMS provider according to your choice and connect it to the Protectimus 2FA server with the help of SMPP;
  • Support for free Protectimus chatbots in Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, you may also deliver online gaming system notifications for free using these chatbots.

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Knowledge base

Online players usually show no enthusiasm when it comes to enabling two-factor authentication. The biggest challenge for online gaming platform developers who implement two-factor authentication is to make 2FA protection effective and user-friendly at the same time. The ability to choose from a variety of two-factor authentication methods appeals to gamers. Protectimus allows gamers to choose from several different ways to get one-time passcodes: two-factor authentication applications (Protectimus Smart OTP, Google AUthenticator, etc.); chatbots in Telegram, Viber, or Messenger; hardware TOTP tokens (Protectimus Two, Protectimus Flex, Protectimus Slim NFC). We recommend making all of these 2FA options available to players.

When setting up multi-factor authentication for an online gaming website, online casino, or sports betting site, it would be wise to set different authentication rules for different groups of users. For example, you can set stricter two-factor authentication settings for the website administrators and not so strict two-factor auth rules for the gamers on this iGaming website. In addition, different types of OTP tokens can be used for administrators and online players. For example, give your admins only programmable hardware tokens, but allow players to use any authentication methods of their choice.

Work on a plan to encourage gamers to enable 2-factor authentication to secure their accounts. Start with an information campaign. Explain to players how important it is to secure their accounts on an online gaming platform, online casino, or sports betting website with two-factor authentication. Or, even better, come up with a reward for activating two-factor authentication. For example, Fortnite players receive additional bonuses for activating 2FA on their accounts. When most users enable two-factor authentication, you may even make it mandatory.

Protectimus offers all the necessary tools to implement two-factor authentication into your online gaming platform without pain. It allows you to protect corporate infrastructure and end-user accounts at the same time. It gives you a choice of different methods for delivering one-time passwords and additional features for even stronger two-factor authentication for online gaming (IP filtering, filtering by the time the user logs in, geographic filters). The Protectimus two-factor authentication system is OATH (Initiative for Open Authentication) certified, verified by hundreds of tests, cybersecurity professionals, customers, and years of use. The reliability of Protectimus two-factor authentication has been proven in practice, while an artisanal 2FA solution can fail at the most unexpected moment.

Give online gamers a choice from different 2FA tokens

Protect both your team and end-users

Encourage gamers to activate 2-factor authentication

Why use Protectimus two-factor authentication for iGaming?