Slim token security card

SLIM Protectimus – is the pinnacle of technological progress; it combines convenient use and high level of protection for your data.

This token is a full-scale solution even though it is less than 1 millimeter thick. It includes an LCD screen, a clock, a processor, a management system, and batteries.

Style and Modernity

The name speaks for itself: the Protectimus SLIM model does not only work well, it also looks great. What’s more, you can always order your own design and re-branding.

Delight and Functionality

Imagine how surprised your colleagues and friends would be if a nice-looking bank card suddenly ‘came to life’ in your hands to display changing digits on it! They would be further surprised to learn that it is not just a stylish little thing, but also a reliable data protection tool.

Technology Perfection

The SLIM model token is the same size, including its thickness, as a regular bank card. Think how many elements there are in a computing machine… And now think that all that is included in a tiny box no thicker than your regular credit card.

Key Features

  • Bank card format;
  • Dimensions: 8.56 cm × 5.4 cm × 0.076 cm;
  • Convenient use;
  • Can be made in your corporate style;
  • One-click activation.


Protectimus SLIM (English)

How to buy?

You can easily become a happy owner of this device. Depending on your preference, we can place your company's logo and other visual features on the device; you can also choose the color of your token. Producing customized tokens based on your specific requirements takes additional 3-4 weeks.

The price of tokens does not include shipping and delivery costs and other additional charges, such as taxes and customs duties.

Delivery times depend on several factors, in particular: lot/consignment size, token availability at our warehouse, and postal service. Besides, the delivery time will depend on whether additional visual features need to be placed on the products. Typically, if there is a sufficient quantity of products at the warehouse, orders are delivered within 2 to 6 weeks.

To place an order, please fill out the form, and our specialist will promptly contact you.

See Also

Image Token Model Price, pcs
Brief Description Description
PROTECTIMUS ONE PROTECTIMUS ONE $9.99$9.49$8.99$7.99$6.99

$1 when paying service in advance for a year
The most popular solution, secure two-factor authentication on your resource at an affordable price The most popular solution

$1 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS TWO PROTECTIMUS TWO $10.99$10.49$9.99$8.99$7.99

$2 when paying service in advance for a year
Bulletproof OTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish Bulletproof TOTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish

$2 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS ULTRA PROTECTIMUS ULTRA $16.99$15.99$14.99$13.99$11.99 The most secure solution, ideal for the most sensitive system areas OCRA token for the most sensitive system areas
PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINI PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINI $29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99 Reprogrammable NFC token, that fits any two-factor authentication system Reprogrammable NFC token
PROTECTIMUS SLIM PROTECTIMUS SLIM $29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99 Convenient use and secure data protection Convenient token in the form of a banking card
PROTECTIMUS SMART PROTECTIMUS SMART free Available for all key Android and iPhone platforms Software token for Android and iPhones
PROTECTIMUS SMS PROTECTIMUS SMS $2 per user/month Minimum hassle Minimum hassle
PROTECTIMUS MAIL PROTECTIMUS MAIL free Minimum costs Minimum costs

Knowledge base

There is a great variety of tokens available in services that provide complex two-factor authorization. These otp tokens serve to deliver or reflect one-time passwords for you to get the best data security solution. For users to choose the most suitable Protectimus 2FA token, they do not have to think of a complicated integration process. We provide you with a ready to use service or an easily installed platform, give you clear instructions and responsive support. So all you actually have to think of is probably the size of preferred otp token: should it be full-sized tool or a slim token.

We are proud to say that our Protectimus devices can actually be considered as OATH tokens, meaning they were certified accordingly. Our two-factor authentication tokens operate based on most reliable OTP generation algorithms. For example, our most innovative product Protectimus SLIM uses time-based one time password (TOTP) algorithm. But this tool can also be called exclusive due to it’s outstanding look. We are talking about a smart token card. Protectimus SLIM is a token that looks just like your credit card and supplies you with instruments to control your information protection.

Nowadays, two factor authentication services do not only provide you with the most effective ways to protect your sensitive data. They also grant a choice between options like service or platform solutions. Besides, you can get constant assistance and support. And services like Protectimus also care about adding some style to your 2FA token. For that, we have token cards produced. They are small, thin tools, thus easy to carry and place among your other cards. Protectimus SLIM has been designed to prove that security tools do not have to be massive. To the contrary, they can be exquisite.

Generally, two factor auth is what information technologies modernization is. Or, it is a consequence of what world’s new technologies have brought us. All sort of information can be accessed easily, at one click. At the same time, some important and sensitive data is something we want to secure from an easy illegitimate access. Sounds controversial, but, nevertheless, reflects today’s reality. Token OTP delivery has been a challenge for some, but not for Protectimus. Modern 2FA solutions is what we specialize in and manage providing successfully. Check our solutions for proof.

At some point of world’s gadgets consumption, users demanded less weight and size, but more features introduced in single products. If you look at our security token card depiction, you can have slight doubts about the functionality of that plastic piece. Leave no doubts: Protectimus SLIM card tokens are thin, but all progressive technologies are fit into these small devices. It is equipped with a processor and a controlling system, LCD screen, battery and even a clock. This token OTP display is convenient and safe to use. Besides, you can carry Protectimus SLIM with your basic items.

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