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Mobile authentication

Economy Must Be Economical. Add a reliable data protection tool to your smartphone. Protectimus SMART is absolutely free and offered for the iOS and Android platforms. This solution is ideal because it does not cost you anything, combines various setting, is convenient to use, and looks great. Protectimus SMART is a token that is always with you!

Protectimus SMART is ideal when your users are not part of your company’s structure, and you have little control over remote users. With this token, you do not need to actually give them a physical token, or transfer, create, and assign a token. A user can do all that independently by completing simple steps on the self-service page.

Built for Android Wear

Smart-watch token is extremely convenient. Imagine something you always carry around and that it gives you tools to access your most protected information. This is a device you would not forget or lose somewhere among your everyday stuff. And for those of you, who are familiar with the technical side, smart-watch token settings allow using any of the following OTP generating algorithms: HOTP, TOTP and OCRA. Besides, you get the opportunity to launch two-factor authentication system and, consequently, otp-generating process on all the watch that work with Android Wear OS. Later on, Apple Watch can also join our guardian army of devices to protect your most sensitive information.

OTP token for Android Wear

Always with You

Our smartphone is always with you, and you are far less likely to forget or leave behind your smartphone than a token. So, you will always have access to your protected data.

Rich Functionality

SMART Protectimus Protectimus. Phone offers a wide range of capabilities that will meet all your needs. You can select the generation algorithm, choose your ОТР length, create the required number of tokens on one device, and much more. And, working with this token, is an easy and pleasant experience.

Maximum Economy

The mobile token is offered free of charge. Thus, there are zero expenses involved in purchasing a token. Besides, such tokens do not need to be replaced due to battery failure, which makes them ideal for long-term use of this solution.

Key Features

  • Available for free;
  • Customized generation algorithm: counter-based or time-based;
  • Customized ОТР length: 6 or 8 characters;
  • Changeable interface language: Russian, English;
  • Multiple tokens can be created on one device;
  • A check symbol feature to prevent typos when entering the key manually.

See Also

ImageToken ModelPrice, pcs
Brief DescriptionDescription
PROTECTIMUS TWOPROTECTIMUS TWO$11.99$11.49$10.99$9.99$8.99

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
Bulletproof OTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylishBulletproof TOTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS FLEXPROTECTIMUS FLEX$19.99$18.99$16.99$15.99$13.99The reprogrammable and stylish hardware TOTP tokenThe reprogrammable hardware TOTP token
PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINIPROTECTIMUS SLIM NFC$29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99Reprogrammable NFC token, that fits any two-factor authentication systemReprogrammable NFC token
PROTECTIMUS SMARTPROTECTIMUS SMARTfreeAvailable for all key Android and iPhone platformsSoftware token for Android and iPhones
PROTECTIMUS BOTPROTECTIMUS BOTfreeOTP delivery via messenger — easy, secure, convenient. The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger.The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger
PROTECTIMUS SMSPROTECTIMUS SMS$2 per user/monthMinimum hassleMinimum hassle

Knowledge base

Among all the gadgets for an everyday use, mobile phone is probably the most utilized one. Mobile industry is a fast-developing one and it’s products are extremely popular. It is hard to imagine a person without a mobile phone. Even if you do not want to take part in world’s consumerism, reality pushes you towards gadget usage. And except for making calls and searching the web, multi factor authentication using mobile phones is also possible. If a special app like Protectimus SMART is downloaded, mobile phone stands as a security token to generate OTPs in terms of two-factor authentication.

Mobile applications have changed our lives fundamentally. Our lifestyle has also changed: all sort of information is much more easy to access than days ago. Recent researches prove that users spend more time using applications than surfing the web. We can say that apps do not only entertain or coach, remind you of important dates or give access to a whole world of secret knowledge. You can also perform mobile authentication with an app like Protectimus SMART. Mobile one time password generation is also attractive, because users already have a free token – their smartphone.

Making our Protectimus SMART application paid could have been reasonable, however we want to introduce our service to a greater amount of users. Free application for your smartphone makes it easier to reach this goal. Thus, your phone becomes an Android token almost at the speed of sound. Same for creating an iOS token out of your iPhone: download our free Protectimus SMART application to enjoy the token security it gives. Start using this app to get one-time passwords. Easy as it is, however, with this simple tool you add complex protection for the sensitive information in your projects.

Android vs. iOS. What’s best? Which platform is faster and which is more efficient? We would like to leave this never ending discussion to experts. Besides, at Protectimus we support both. So no matter which smart token you intend to use for cell phone authentication: if it runs one of these operational systems, with Protectimus SMART you get access to most prominent mobile authentication solutions. Protectimus SMART is an application you can get for free. For Android token authentication, visit our Google Play page. To make an Apple device token out of your smartphone, check us on App store.

Nowadays, mobile applications became an inevitable part of our life as well as the mobile phones themselves. However, not all of the applications give you the actual practical use. Some of them are created to entertain only or to advertise products.
At Protectimus, we tried to produce an extremely useful application. And we have succeeded! With Protectimus SMART, your phones become security tokens for performing mobile authentication or other. This application transfers your everyday tools into an apple or android tokens free of charge. Use it to be the only user of your most sensitive data.

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