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Hardware MFA Token That Can Be Programmed With the Help of Your Smartphone

Protectimus Slim NFC is a programmable TOTP OATH token. You can use it with any MFA software based on OATH authentication standards, including Google 2FA, Office 365, Azure MFA, Okta, Duo, etc. TOTP tokens Protectimus Slim NFC are produced with pre-installed secret keys but can be reprogrammed using an NFC-capable Android phone. Thus you can use this MFA token with almost any 2FA system.

A key feature of a Protectimus Slim NFC security token is the ability to configure it with almost any secret key you need. This way, the programmable MFA token Protectimus Slim NFC has three main advantages:

  • You can use this OTP token instead of a 2FA app with any service supporting OATH authentication. The process of configuring a hard token is similar to soft tokens enrollment.
  • Using programmable TOTP tokens eliminates the slightest risk of compromising your secret keys.
  • Using programmable TOTP hardware devices allows you to connect users who do not want or cannot use their cell phones as OTP tokens to your two-factor authentication system.

Note, a hardware token Protectimus Slim NFC can store one seed no longer than 32 symbols in Base32.

Google Authenticator Alternative

Contactless hardware TOTP token Protectimus Slim NFC is suitable for any 2FA system based on OATH authentication standards. It can be used both in the corporate sector for the services like Office 365, Azure MFA, Keycloak, as well as for the protection of personal accounts on popular sites such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, etc.

Most Trusted MFA Token

Protectimus Slim NFC is a much safer alternative to SMS authentication and software security tokens because it is the most trusted OATH token you can find. Hardware OTP tokens are not connected to any network, so the one-time passcode from the hardware MFA token cannot be intercepted or stolen with the help of viruses on your smartphone.

User-Friendly Design

MFA tokens Protectimus Slim NFC are produced in a form of elegant smart cards sized 64 x 38 x 0.9 mm. Such cards won’t take up much space in your wallet and will assure reliable protection from hacking of your account. When ordering 1000 pieces or more, the TOTP security tokens Protectimus Slim NFC can be produced in your corporate style.


  • Supported algorithms: TOTP (RFC 6238); SHA-1, SHA-256 (optional);
  • Compliance with OATH standards;
  • Can be programmed over NFC with the help of a free app Protectimus TOTP Burner (an Android smartphone is required);
  • Supported secret keys: 16- to 32-character long (Base32);
  • Available in 2 form factors: standard bank card (ID1) and mini (64mm x 38mm x 0.9mm);
  • Display Type: E-ink;
  • Display size: 6 digits with time indicator;
  • Possibility of branding for orders of 1000 pieces;
  • Warranty period: 12 months.


Protectimus SLIM (English)

How to buy?

You can easily become a happy owner of this device. Depending on your preference, we can place your company’s logo and other visual features on the device; you can also choose the color of your token. Producing customized tokens based on your specific requirements takes additional 3-4 weeks.

The price of tokens does not include shipping and delivery costs and other additional charges, such as taxes and customs duties.

Delivery times depend on several factors, in particular: lot/consignment size, token availability at our warehouse, and postal service. Besides, the delivery time will depend on whether additional visual features need to be placed on the products. Typically, if there is a sufficient quantity of products at the warehouse, orders are delivered within 2 to 6 weeks.

To place an order, please fill out the form, and our specialist will promptly contact you.

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Knowledge base

One-time passwords are generated by a special algorithm (TOTP, HOTP, OCRA) using a secret key. Conventional hardware OTP tokens’ secrets are configured during production, and cannot be changed. For example, in 2FA solutions based on OATH authentication standards, secret keys are generated by the server, and connecting a hardware token with a preinstalled secret key is impossible. But programmable NFC tokens can be set up uniquely to each 2FA system as such MFA token can be set up to use a secret key generated by the authentication system, and reflashed every time it is reassigned to another person.

Protectimus Slim NFC tokens can be used by anyone who wants to protect their account in Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, Kickstarter, KeePass, Microsoft, Teamviewer, Office 365, Azure MFA, etc. The 2FA systems of these and other popular platforms are built on the basis of Google Authenticator, and require users to install the app from Google or receive one-time passwords by SMS. But hardware TOTP tokens are more reliable. They nullify the risk of interception of the one-time passcodes.

SMS messages are one of the most convenient and widely used ways to deliver one-time passwords. But they are not the safest. During transmission, SMS messages can be intercepted by means of a “man in the middle” attack or a virus on the user’s smartphone. In addition, SMS-center employees may have access to these messages. Hardware MFA tokens operate completely autonomously without requiring a connection to a network, which means they are protected against such threats. Thus programmable OATH tokens are a safer alternative to SMS-authentication.

Soft tokens were invented with the advent of smartphones as a convenient alternative to hardware OTP tokens. Functionally identical to hardware tokens, and sometimes even more convenient, because a single application lets you create multiple OTP tokens for different resources. But from the point of view of security it is better to buy a TOTP hardware token, since with the increasing popularity of smartphones, the number of viruses designed specifically to compromise the software OTP generators or intercept SMS-messages with one-time passwords has increased as well. With the hardware tokens there is no such risk.

A programmable NFC token smart-card as small as 64 x 38 x 0.9 mm is an innovation in two-factor authentication. This MFA token looks stylish, takes up little space in your wallet, and is waterproof and robust. Protectimus Slim NFC tokens are built to last up to 3-5 years, with a warranty of 12 months. The world has long been waiting for such a solution to strengthen two-factor authentication systems built on the basis of Google Authenticator and OATH authentication standards. And finally with the advent of NFC technology it has become possible.

To transfer NFC security tokens to your 2-factor authentication system, the tokens must be pre-programmed. To do this, we provide a special application for smartphones based on the Android operating system Protectimus TOTP Burner. Please note that your Android phone must support NFC technology. Detailed instructions on the use of this application is available on our website.

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