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TOTP hardware token

The success of security tool implementation at your company primarily depends on how convenient the security tools are for your end users.
PROTECTIMUS ONE serves as a prime example of the perfect combination of an elegant design and reliable functionality at a reasonable price. Full support of the OATH standards means you do not need to worry about the security of the most sensitive data.

The color options offered for this model are white and blue. Optionally, the token can also be delivered in an individual signature box. This model can also be made in your brand’s colors, with your company’s logo on it.

Simplicity of Use

In one click, a user will receive to his/her token’s LCD screen a one-time password with a limited validity time.

We recommend that this token should be used in combination with a PIN to eliminate security gaps in the event of loss or theft of a token.

Simplicity of Setup

The administrator needs only to enter a short combination of characters on the back of a token to issue and assign a token to a user.

This device requires no connection to the Internet or a PC.

High Level of Security

Each token has a unique secret key used in OTP generation algorithms. It is impossible to retrieve it from PROTECTIMUS ONE.

The implementation of the TOTP algorithm ensures that a one-time password has a short validity period, thus minimizing the threat of password search attacks.

Also, this algorithm makes it impossible to generate an OTP without the token owner’s knowledge if a malicious user gains physical access to a token.

Key Features

  • Weight: just 10 g, incl. battery;
  • Dimensions: 5.5 cm × 2.5 cm × 0.9 cm;
  • 6-character LCD screen;
  • One-click activation;
  • Full support of TOTP standard (RFC 6238)
  • Can be used with a PIN entered on a PC;
  • Estimated battery life: 3-5 years;
  • Corporate re-branding;
  • Color Options (while and blue).


Protectimus ONE (English)

How to buy?

You can easily become a happy owner of this device. Depending on your preference, we can place your company’s logo and other visual features on the device; you can also choose the color of your token. Producing customized tokens based on your specific requirements takes additional 3-4 weeks.

The price of tokens does not include shipping and delivery costs and other additional charges, such as taxes and customs duties.

Delivery times depend on several factors, in particular: lot/consignment size, token availability at our warehouse, and postal service. Besides, the delivery time will depend on whether additional visual features need to be placed on the products. Typically, if there is a sufficient quantity of products at the warehouse, orders are delivered within 2 to 6 weeks.

To place an order, please fill out the form, and our specialist will promptly contact you.

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$3 when paying service in advance for a year
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PROTECTIMUS BOTPROTECTIMUS BOTfreeOTP delivery via messenger — easy, secure, convenient. The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger.The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger
PROTECTIMUS SMSPROTECTIMUS SMS$2 per user/monthMinimum hassleMinimum hassle

Knowledge base

TOTP abbreviation usually goes along with the word ‘algorithm’ and stands for a time-based one-time password. When a user wants to get authorized, he enters his regular login and static password and gets a generated OTP on hardware token as a part of two-step verification. This type of otp generation algorithm can be applied in any of your selected environment. Generally, the TOTP algorithm is based on using an additional parameter – time. Your two-factor authentication token and authentication server have to be synchronized in terms of timing for this algorithm to work with no intermissions.

Time based one-time password generation algorithm can be used in both: software and hardware tokens. What is TOTP token? TOTP hardware token is a device utilised to create one-time passwords with a certain limited timeframe. Such hardware tokens can come in a form of specially designed tools like Protectimus One. It is crucial to have TOTP tokens preliminary configured to work within your system settings, so that you start protecting your information right after. These tokens can be used to eliminate slightest possibility of the OTP to be overlooked, as here the OTP has a very short life term.

TOTP authentication algorithm represents newest accomplishments in defending your data from being leaked or stolen with the most wicked intentions. This algorithm allows you to supplement your two-factor authorization formula with an additional and always available feature – time. Basically, you do not only use a hardware security token for generating a unique one-time password. This complex is amplified with a new variable that works along with your internal system. According to it, there is a set timeframe for the OTP to be valid, and thus, assurance of the maximum security.

Once you decided to try token based authentication for strengthening your data security shield, it is high time to choose an appropriate auxiliary tool. If you come across our Protectimus ONE token, then it can be useful to know that it is one of the most popular options among token authentication solutions. It is simple to provide with and to be configured for any of the selected users to get time based OTP. Besides, this device is handy, easy to carry and it operates without Internet and needs no сonnection with your PC or GSM network. You may use a pin for Protectimus ONE, so it is advanced protection.

Protectimus ONE can be called an OATH hardware token, as it has been certified accordingly. You may enjoy two-factor authentication functionality with this tool. What’s more, it is easy to use and comes at a reasonable price. With this hardware token authentication is no longer insecure. Get this device in two variations – classic blue or white, and If you want to distinguish your devices, they can be made in your company’s colors or with a logo on them. Protectimus ONE is light-weighted (0.02 lbs), easily activated and equipped with an LCD-screen, optional pin for your convenience.

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