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Two step auth using email token

This token will allow you to receive one-time passwords to the email address you specify. It is very easy to create and use this type of token. You do not need to gather additional information on users; you only need to know their email addresses to increase your users’ security.

It is the most simplified protection option, since a user’s inbox is already protected with a password. You should take it into consideration that the level of security this token provides is lower compared to other tokens, especially if the same password is used to access email and your resource.

Simplicity of Use

To authenticate a user, you only need to know the user’s email address, which is most frequently used as a login/user name. This means that you will be able to increase your resource’s level of security without performing any other actions or annoying users with requests to fill out additional forms.

No Cost

This token is absolutely free. You do not need to purchase any devices, or pay for SMS-messages. Simply create it and use it.

Key Features

  • One-Time Password delivery via e-mail;
  • A user’s email address is sufficient to create a token;
  • No additional user instructions are necessary;
  • No costs involved.


Protectimus MAIL (English)

See Also

ImageToken ModelPrice, pcs
Brief DescriptionDescription
PROTECTIMUS TWOPROTECTIMUS TWO$11.99$11.49$10.99$9.99$8.99

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
Bulletproof OTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylishBulletproof TOTP token: reliable, waterproof, stylish

$3 when paying service in advance for a year
PROTECTIMUS FLEXPROTECTIMUS FLEX$19.99$18.99$16.99$15.99$13.99The reprogrammable and stylish hardware TOTP tokenThe reprogrammable hardware TOTP token
PROTECTIMUS SHARKPROTECTIMUS SHARK$14.99$14.49$13.99$12.99$11.99This hardware token offers exceptional security features by supporting TOTP (RFC 6238) and SHA-256 algorithmWe recommend using this token
PROTECTIMUS SLIM MINIPROTECTIMUS SLIM MINI$29.99$28.99$26.99$24.99$21.99Reprogrammable NFC token, that fits any two-factor authentication systemReprogrammable NFC token
PROTECTIMUS SMARTPROTECTIMUS SMARTfreeAvailable for all key Android and iPhone platformsSoftware token for Android and iPhones
PROTECTIMUS SMARTPROTECTIMUS PUSHfreePush via Android and iPhone applicationsСonvenient and reliable
PROTECTIMUS BOTPROTECTIMUS BOTfreeOTP delivery via messenger — easy, secure, convenient. The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger.The service is available on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger
PROTECTIMUS SMSPROTECTIMUS SMS$2 per user/monthMinimum hassleMinimum hassle

Knowledge base

E-mail has probably been one of the first things we got to know on the Internet. We got the chance to send letters, files, tables and photos easily. And the recipients got all the information almost immediately. Now, it is hard to find a person unfamiliar with e-mail services. We use e-mail everyday at work or for personal issues. Although we actually create e-mails to keep information locked with a login and password, we share the info stored in e-mail frequently. However, you can use an e-mail for a safer authentication – as a free auth token like at Protectimus MAIL.

Some people think that a personal mailbox can only be used to perform working tasks. Besides, people keep important information in their account storage, considering it secure. However, your e-mail can be used not only to maintain daily correspondence. You can get 2 step verification email to perform a better security of your data. Considering all the possible security issues, multi factor authentication with your e-mail as a token is the least you can do to face those challenges. Two-factor authentication can be set up simply with a solution like Protectimus Mail for e-mail users.

When you make a decision to enforce your project’s security by adding a 2FA solution, you also have to think about your project’s users. Is your stuff proficient in newest technologies? Can the user take care of the 2 step auth code (one-time password)? Will he know what to do with a specially issued token? Our team has came up with a two-factor authentication solution that can be used by the people who have no idea what multifactor authentication is. Protectimus MAIL is the most simplified solution and can suit a wide range of users: distant ones or those who require easiest guidelines.

Unlike some other two-factor authentication solutions, e-mail used as a token for 2 step auth requires minimum effort for implementation and instructioning users. Besides, one of the biggest advantages is the simplicity of issuing such token: you only need to know the user’s e-mail account. No need to collect other info for having a token delivered to the user. It is easy to ensure that your freelance workers receive 2 step auth code to their e-mail. The disadvantage we can define is that the security level this solution offers is comparatively lower than other solutions.

What is auth token? Should an authentication token be a physical object? We prove that tokens used for two-factor authentication can come in a form of applications like Protectimus SMART, or you can get a one-time password delivered in a short message with Protectimus SMS. And, of course, e-mail can be a token with Protectimus MAIL. Sign in free of charge to start your user 2FA experience. With this token, your project’s users can enter the system after getting an OTP sent to their e-mail. All you need is their e-mail accounts. The rest has been designed for the best operation by Protectimus.

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