Compatibility of Protectimus 2FA solution with RADIUS

Integration with RADIUS
Protectimus’ 2FA solution can be used with any device or system that supports the RADIUS authentication protocol.
Protectimus is a reliable, professional provider of two-factor authentication for your business. We offer fast integration, with both a cloud service and an on-premise platform, along with a wide range of software and hardware tokens, and E-mail or SMS-authentication, at an unbeatable price.

Rapid implementation

Our solution supports RADIUS out of the box. To integrate Protectimus’ two-factor authentication solutions with your system or RADIUS device, you need only install the platform and configure it. If necessary, Protectimus engineers will provide full support.

Reliability and efficacy

Our solution is certified by the industry-wide initiative OATH, passed an external security audit, and has been further tested by hackers. Dual factor authentication from Protectimus can give you the peace of mind of knowing your business is in safe hands!

Industrial approach

We offer effective failsafe two-factor authentication solution of enterprise standard. Our software is officially recommended for integration with Citrix NetScaler Gateway versions 10.1, 10.5, 11.0 and above, as confirmed by the status of Citrix Ready. Corporate partners can count on full support in integration, rapid customer support, and attractive prices.

Supported devices and software:

  • VMware Horizon
  • Citrix NetScaler Gateway
  • Cisco ACS / ISE / ISR / Catalyst / SSH Network Device Access
  • SonicWALL TZ, NSA, Aventail series

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Knowledge base

RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) is a network protocol for communications between a remote access server and a central server for the purposes of secure authentication, authorization, and tracking of network users. The RADIUS protocol is widely used in local and corporate networks, VPN and Wi-Fi networks.

Protecting access to critical information and corporate accounts with a standard password has long been proven ineffective. Phishing, social engineering, brute force attacks, man in the middle hacks, and Trojans are just a few of the possible ways to find out your password. Two-factor authentication using one-time passwords helps protect against each of these threats. If your corporate system uses in its work the RADIUS protocol, two-factor authentication from Protectimus will help you achieve a higher level of security today!

Want two-factor authentication for your company’s systems, but your setup isn’t on the list of supported devices or software? That’s easily fixed! We are constantly working on expanding our list of supported implementations, and offer our customers the opportunity to customize Protectimus’ 2FA solutions to meet their requirements. If your device or system supports RADIUS, our engineers can make it work. Besides 2FA for RADIUS, we offer ready-made integrations for the protocols SAML and LDAP, as well as a complete SDK on PHP, Java, and Python.

There are 4 ways available to deliver one-time passwords: e-mail, SMS, hardware, and software tokens. Although SMS-authentication is the most popular, it is more secure to use hardware tokens. They eliminate the possibility of intercepting the OTP. A convenient and more affordable alternative to hardware OTP generators are software applications for Android and iOS smartphones. But there is a risk of the smartphone being compromised, possibly leaking one-time passwords. So hardware tokens are still the most secure.

Our 2FA solution supports the RADIUS protocol, by which you can easily integrate it with Citrix NetScaler Gateway, VMware Horizon, and other similar platforms. We also support the SAML and LDAP protocols. There are also open source software development kits for PHP, Python, and Java. But even if some of the ready-made plug-ins or the SDK are not suitable for your company, contact us! We provide free consultations and can adjust our two-factor authentication solution to meet your specific requirements.

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