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General questions

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, 3FA) enhances the security of your account by introducing an additional level of verification during the login process. Rather than solely relying on a password, the system may require supplementary confirmation, such as a unique code sent to your phone through an MFA app, chatbot, push notification, SMS, or email. Alternatively, you might be prompted to respond to a confidential question, utilize fingerprint scanning, or employ the face ID functionality.
What does ОТР mean?
OTP stands for One-Time Password. It is a password that is valid for only one authentication session. In most cases, such a password has a limited validity time. ОТРs are used in multi-factor authentication systems, where a password is used as the first factor and a token as the second factor.
Can a one-time password be hacked?
A one-time password is generated with a secret key that is ‘built into’ your token and that is known only to our service. No other device can generate the correct one-time password without the knowledge of secret and securely protected information. We use password generation algorithms that virtually eliminate the possibility of a password getting hacked.
Since a token is not connected to a server in any way, it is impossible to intercept a password while it is being transferred.
A potential intruder may try to simply come up with the correct password by trying various combinations of characters, but the system is well protected against this type of attack – after a certain number of attempts, an account is locked for 5 minutes, which renders such an attack ineffective.
Is the two-factor authentication mechanism reliable?
Today, multi-factor authentication with one-time passwords is widely recognized as the most reliable and effective mechanism of protection against unauthorized access. The ОТР mechanism is more reliable that authentication based on biometric parameters and undoubtedly much more reliable than regular static passwords.
I’ve read that biometric authentication is the most reliable type of authentication; is that correct?
The problem with biometric authentication is that a parameter verified can be copied, but it can’t be modified. It is easy to obtain a person’s fingerprint and make a copy of it, but a person’s fingerprint cannot be changed or modified, unlike a token that can be re-issued. Besides, how would you even know that your biometric data was copied?
Of course, many attempts have been made to improve the mechanism, and it is not as easy to trick the modern scanners – they are smart enough to distinguish between a real person and a mechanical copy. But it makes little sense to try to outsmart a scanner, because in the end the scan result is transformed into a set of digital characters. And, as already mentioned above, biometric parameters do not change, which means that once such data is lost, your authenticators (your fingerprints, your eye retina, etc.) are compromised forever.
Besides, biometric authentication always involves assessment that’s probabilistic in nature; it is aimed at assessing a tested sample’s equivalence to the reference standard. Therefore, depending on the settings, there is either a chance that access to the system will be given to a person with similar characteristics or a chance that a valid user will not be given access to the system.
Moreover, when one considers all the various ways in which potential intruders can gain access to one’s biometric data, one begins to doubt whether it is reasonable to use biometric data at all.
ОТРs eliminate the possibility of all the situations described above.In our opinion, biometrics can serve as an effective identification tool, but the task of authentication is best left to ОТРs.
Is your solution secure?
Our solution operates based on the OATH standards accepted in the two-factor authentication industry worldwide.
I have a great idea that may be of interest to you; how can I share it with you?
Contact us through the feedback form! If your idea is indeed interesting, we will find a way to express our gratitude.
I have discovered a bug in your service, and I would like to receive a reward – how can I do it?
If you have found a bug in our system, contact us using any method convenient for you; we will fix the bug as soon as possible, and you will be rewarded for your help.
How can you help me earn some money?
We are an open innovative company interested in various forms of mutually beneficial collaboration. We are ready to encourage ideas that will help us optimize our expenses, increase our profits, and improve to become a better company. Learn about our affiliate program, or share your ideas, comments, and recommendations through the feedback form.