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Integration with Citrix NetScaler
Citrix NetScaler Gateway is an effective software suite for secure, uninterrupted remote access to corporate resources. Use of NetScaler Gateway allows companies to organize reliable protection for business applications and control their compliance with the demands of information security at the organization.

Business account required

For company resources needing higher security against illicit access, it is
recommended to strengthen Citrix NetScaler by using two-factor authentication. Integration of Protectimus with NetScaler Gateway is provided through the protocol RADIUS or SAML. Citrix NetScaler Gateway versions 10.1, 10.5, 11.0 are supported. Detailed instruction in integration Protectimus with Citrix NetScaler Gateway is available upon request.

A Failsafe 2FA Solution

Protectimus is a failsafe dual factor authentication solution of enterprise level. We allow for an unlimited number of users, offer a possibility of 24/7 technical support, and our experts can help with implementation and setting up Protectimus 2FA platform.

Cost Saving Solution

Our prices are lower than those of our competitors. No? Show a competitor’s lower price, and we’ll give you a better offer!

Additional Configuration if Needed

Protectimus’ two-factor authentication solution can be configured to meet the unique needs of our customers. If reconfiguration alone is insufficient, our engineers will be happy to implement any specific wishes and desires of our customers.

Key Features

  • Support for Citrix Netscaler Gateway (Access Gateway, NetScaler Unified Gateway) versions 10.1, 10.5, 11.0, and higher;
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory running on Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher;
  • Support for RADIUS;
  • Support for SAML;
  • Support for SMPP for reliable delivery of SMS;
  • Automated User Provisioning Mechanism.

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Knowledge base

The main function of Citrix NetScaler Gateway (NetScaler Unified Gateway) is to provide remote access to corporate data. Citrix’s products are more popular among larger firms, whose data is often targeted by hackers. If system administrators in such a company don’t additionally protect Citrix NetScaler with two-factor authentication, hackers merely need to gain control of the login of just one employee, by way of brute force, phishing, social engineering, a trojan virus or injection, to gain access to sensitive web applications or data.

Integration of Protectimus’ 2-factor authentication solution with Citrix Access Gateway version 10.1 and higher is provided through the RADIUS protocol or SAML. To receive free consultation or documentation with more detailed information about integrating Protectimus two-factor authentication with Citrix, contact our support service.

The compatibility with Protectimus’ 2-factor authentication system and Citrix NetScaler Gateway has been officially confirmed by the status of Citrix Ready partner. Users of Access Gateway have access to a failsafe 2FA solution of enterprise level, available as on-premise platform, which remains in control of the client and allows full control over the strong authentication system. Besides that, we offer our customers fair rates and a wide selection of additional functions, including intelligent identification, geographic and time filters, and CWYS.

On-premise platforms are ideal for companies that want to have full control over all aspects of their security systems: servers, user databases, and other highly sensitive information. Most often Citrix NetScaler Gateway users choose exactly such platforms. On top of that, on-premise platforms can be additionally secured by firewalls and other information security tools.

All methods of delivery/generation of one-time passwords have their benefits and drawbacks. The least expensive one-time password (OTP) delivery method is e-mail, and the most popular is SMS. For clients using Citrix Access Gateway, we recommend hardware tokens as the safest method of OTP generation. Hardware OTP tokens need no connection to any networks, therefore one-time passwords cannot be intercepted. A good alternative to hardware OTP tokens is the free app for smartphones Protectimus Smart.

The compatibility of Protectimus’ 2FA solution with Citrix NetScaler Gateway has been officially recognized by experts from Citrix. As a result of this verification, Protectimus has received the status of Citrix Ready. Our two-factor authentication solution is officially recommended for integration with Citrix Access Gateway versions 10.1, 10.5, 11.0, and higher.

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