2FA features with Protectimus

Protectimus is not only cloud authentication and a high-quality platform; we also offer a wide range of additional features

Integrate an unlimited number of your web systems or applications

You can use one account in our service to manage the security of several projects. It will allow you to logically divide users and manage them efficiently, as well as get additional discounts for using our services.

Geographic Filter and Time Filter

This will allow you to control from what countries and at what time users can access a specific resource.

Event Notifications

The administrator can choose the setting for receiving notifications about important events in the system via SMS-messages or email.

Analytical Tools, Statistics and Reports

A set of analytical tools allows you to gather all the necessary information on every aspect of the service’s functionality. The administrator can get statistics on successful and unsuccessful user logins, analyze financial data, and perform many other useful tasks.

Alternative Methods of OTP Delivery

Besides traditional password generation methods, we support password delivery via SMS-messages and email. To ensure maximum security of delivering passwords to your clients, we work in partnership with several SMS aggregators.

Software and Hardware Tokens

We support both hardware and software mobile multi-token Protectimus for various platforms (iPhone, Android), as well as some tokens from other manufacturers.

Division and Delegation of Rights in the System

Our client can create additional administrator accounts in the service and allow them to manage specific resources. It provides flexible access to Protectimus and helps to effectively divide the work involved in managing the system.

Data signature

This feature allows you to ensure control over the integrity of the data signed and protection against any data modification or data falsification. Guaranteed detection of any data falsification during integrity verification in most cases renders data falsification useless.

Compare Protectimus

Protectimus Yubico RSA SafeNet Vasco
Loyalty to Customers
Quickest registration
Quickest integration
Credit, if needed
Flexible service plans
Support of OATH standards
Software and hardware tokens
Support of algorithms by event, time, and challenge response
Support of third party tokens (SafeNet, Yubico, Google Authenticator)
Advanced Capabilities
Division of users by resources
Geographic filter and time filter
Event notification and logging system
Delegation of rights in the system
Platform and Service
No special operating system requirements
Various OTP delivery methods (tokens, SMS-messages, email)
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