How to Set Up 2-Factor Authentication on ICE3X

This guide has a purpose to explain three things:

  1. How to enable 2-factor authentication on ICE3X.
  2. How to disable two-factor authentication on ICE3X.
  3. How to use a programmable hardware token Protectimus Slim NFC for 2-factor authentication on ICE3X.
ICE3X two-factor authentication token Protectimus Slim NFC

Learn more about Protectimus Slim NFC token or order one here: 

Protectimus Slim NFC

The best 2FA token to protect your ICE3X account!

How to turn on 2-factor authentication on ICE3X

1. Login to your ICE3X account. To avoid phishing make sure you use the right URL:

2. Chose Account section at the main page. Just click the necessary icon in the right upper corner.

3. Go to SETTINGS section.

Note: If you haven’t enabled 2-factor authentication on ICE3X yet, you’ll see a notification with the fast link to the settings section. You can use it instead.

4. Go to “SECURITY” settings.

2-factor authentication in ICE3X - setup with hardware TOTP token Protectimus Slim NFC

5. Enable 2-factor authentication.

2-factor authentication in ICE3X

6. You will see the QR code with the secret key (seed). Use it to enroll the token in your authentication app or program Protectimus Slim NFC token.

7. Enter the one-time password from your 2-factor authentication app or Protectimus Slim NFC token in the field “2FA code”.

Congratulations, your ICE3X account is under protection now!

How to disable two-factor authentication on ICE3X

To disable 2-factor authentication go to security settings and click “Disable”.

Disable 2-factor authentication in ICE3X

Enter the 2FA code from your current token.

How to add Protectimus Slim NFC to ICE3X

To enable 2-factor authentication with Protectimus Slim NFC token:

  1. Make sure that your Android smartphone supports NFC technology and download Protectimus TOTP Burner application.
  2. Go to ICE3X security settings.
  3. Click the “Enable” button to set up two-factor authentication.
  4. Use the QR code with the secret key to program Protectimus Slim NFC. You’ll need to scan the QR code with Protectimus TOTP Burner app and add it to the hardware token via NFC. You’ll find more detailed instruction on programming Protectimus Slim NFC here.
  5. Submit the 2FA code from your hardware token in the corresponding field.

Note: If you want to add Protectimus SLim NFC for 2-factor authentication on ICE3X and you already have 2FA enabled, at first disable 2-factor authentication.

That’s it. Please, let us know if you have any questions in comments or via email [email protected].

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Author: Anna

If you have any questions about two-factor authentication and Protectimus products, ask Anna, and you will get an expert answer. She knows everything about one-time passwords, OTP tokens, 2FA applications, OATH algorithms, how two-factor authentication works, and what it protects against. Anna will explain the difference between TOTP, HOTP, and OCRA, help you choose a token for Azure MFA, and tell you how to set up two-factor authentication for Windows or Active Directory. Over the years with Protectimus, Anna has become an expert in cybersecurity and knows all about the Protectimus 2FA solution, so she will advise on any issue. Please, ask your questions in the comments.

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