COVID-19 quarantines are a dream come true for hackers. Businesses switch to online work, and hackers focus on compromising home computers to access corporate networks through them.

Working from home increases the risk of company data leaks as you don't know how technically literate your employees are, what software they use, and who else can access their devices.

This is why it’s vital to know what threats endanger your business and how to respond.

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • What cybersecurity threats to expect when your employees work remotely
  • How to secure remote desktop connection to workplace computers
  • What security policies should you establish for your remote workforce

Hosted by:

Jonathan Origan

Regional Sales Manager at Protectimus LTD

  • a passionate advocate of information security;
  • areas of expertise include phishing, malware, brute force, and social engineering protection;
  • working remotely and happy to share his experiences.

Denys Griga

Head of Sales at Protectimus LTD

  • 5 years in information security;
  • multi-factor authentication expert;
  • knows how to secure remote desktop connection and what tools you need for successful remote teamwork.