Why Gamers Need 2-Step Verification

Online games ceased to be considered a not serious occupation long ago. Today not only students but also bankers, senior managers, and other adult solid people play computer games. For some, it has even become a rather profitable profession. Even if the game is played just for fun, it is still about large sums of money: to buy bonuses and gaming resources, upgrade items and characters. Besides, paid online games are growing in popularity. As we know fraudsters always show up when it comes to money and seeking to get their hands on them. Thus, the player account protection requires close attention. Often, the first barrier the fraudsters may face is 2-step verification.

Let’s try to figure it out.

The risks the gamers should be afraid, and how to avoid them

1. Phishing

A threat:

When it comes to online games, the phishing pages usually look like popular game websites. Players can be lured to such pages under various pretexts: to change the password, update the registration information, download the update. Such offers are usually enforced with threats to block the game account. When a victim enters personal information on a fake website to log into the account, all the fraudsters have to do to get a full control on his account is simply to change the password. Often the hackers’ goal is to sell game accounts on the black market.

How to protect yourself:

When entering the game account type the website address manually (after playing the network games for a long time you can memorize it easily), rather than follow the links in the messages. Also, you can make the account theft more difficult for hackers if you use a 2-step verification when logging in.

2. “Dirty” game

A threat:

Sometimes you can come across the online gamers who try to gain an advantage using fraudulent practices. Some use the game server errors and other practice hacking online games to get the undeserved points, lives, and items.

The most “advanced” players even use the automatic players known as bots. But not always a foul play is conducted with the use of technical means. Sometimes it may be either a negotiated game battle or several cheaters can unite to attack a newcomer. Often you may come across people selling virtual items at a lower price. The purpose of this “unprecedented generosity” is usually the same: to lure out money without giving anything in return.

How to protect yourself:

In games as well as in real life don’t forget the famous proverb “There’s always free cheese in the mouse traps, but the mice there ain’t happy.” As for the virtual gangs, rigged game battles or suspiciously quickly “growing” players, it is a task of the technical support teams to fight them as they have an opportunity to issue the violators a “perpetual” ban. The main thing – do not be lazy to inform the team about the violations.

3. Experienced players are first who need 2-step verification

A threat:

The game has its own values – and this is not always about money. The fraudsters, who stuck on gaming environment, are looking first of all for the strong characters, resources and items. The question arises: who of the gamers has most of these coveted “goods”? Of course, those who have been playing for a long time, who have reached a high level and regularly “upgraded” their characters. This type of network gamers attracts fraudsters the most.

How to protect yourself:

The higher the progress in the game, the more precautions you should take to protect your account. 2-step verification should be enabled not only for your account but also for the e-mail attached to it. It is necessary to make sure that you have installed powerful up-to-date anti-virus applications on the device you use to play games. And you should not forget about phishing as well.

4. Computers and smartphones are at gunpoint

A threat:

Many gamers believe that to increase the operating speed of the computer it is better to disable the antivirus while playing. And they boldly put their views in life, thereby helping hackers and distributors of all sorts of nasty virus things. The malware can infect either your computer or smartphone in different ways: via visiting phishing websites, downloading suspicious “updates”, “add-ons,” and attachments in the posts on gaming forums or in the in-game messaging systems. If a player does not only turn off the antivirus software but also does not use 2FA, the results can be very unpleasant.

Having gained a foothold on the victim’s computer, the malware can steal accounts and game items, connect the infected device to the botnet, hack bank accounts and perform many other actions dangerous for the user.

How to protect yourself:

For a long time, the manufacturers of the modern anti-virus software are providing a special “game” mode, which can help avoiding some viruses while not overloading the computer. As for the 2-step verification, it will protect you from the destructive effects of some malicious software that can infect your device.

A “magic” formula that can protect you from the threats in online gaming is simple: caution + antivirus program + 2-step verification.

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Author: Denis Shokotko

Once upon a time, in a small town there lived a boy named little Denis. As years went by and the boy grew up, his interest in everything new and unknown grew, too. Denis was particularly interested in information technologies. And, his feelings were reciprocated. His new hobby was so fascinating that he decided to devote the rest of his life to it. Soon after that, he developed his first software program, then another one and another one, and more... In software development, no one could compare to him. His talent could not but be noticed and appreciated. Before long, he is among the originators of a new innovative project. And now, Protectimus in Denis’ life is like a mistress that would not share him with another or put up with any unfaithfulness :)

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