How to enable two-factor authentication on Reddit

two factor authentication on Reddit with hardware TOTP token Protectimus Slim NFC

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Ho set-up two-factor authentication on Reddit, first of all, log in your Reddit account and initiate the two-factor authentication setup.

1. Go to the “User Setting” page using the navigation menu in the right upper corner ->

How to turn on 2FA on Reddit User Settings

2. Click “Privacy & Security” ->

Reddit two factor authentication Privacy Security

3. Choose “Two-factor authentication” ->

2FA on Reddit two factor authentication button

4. Click the button “click to enable” ->

2FA on Reddit enable two factor authentication button

5. Confirm that your email address is correct ->

Two factor authentication Reddit My email is correct

6. Enter your password and click “Next” ->

Two factor authentication confirm password

7. You will see the QR code with the secret key.

Now you can either scan it with your authentication app (Google Authenticator, Protectimus Smart, Authy, etc.) or add it to your hardware security token Protectimus Slim NFC.

Learn how to program Protectimus Slim NFC token.

How to enable 2FA on Reddit QR code

8. After you programmed the hardware OTP token or enrolled a software token on your smartphone, enter a 6-digit one-time password to the corresponding field and click “Enable two-factor”.

2 factor authentication on Redit enable two factor

9. You’ll see the notification about successful 2-factor authentication setup.

Enable two factor authentication on Reddit

Enjoy reliable and convenient protection for your account — make hackers’ lives difficult with two-factor authentication on!

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Author: Anna

If you have any questions about two-factor authentication and Protectimus products, ask Anna, and you will get an expert answer. She knows everything about one-time passwords, OTP tokens, 2FA applications, OATH algorithms, how two-factor authentication works, and what it protects against. Anna will explain the difference between TOTP, HOTP, and OCRA, help you choose a token for Azure MFA, and tell you how to set up two-factor authentication for Windows or Active Directory. Over the years with Protectimus, Anna has become an expert in cybersecurity and knows all about the Protectimus 2FA solution, so she will advise on any issue. Please, ask your questions in the comments.

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