Advantages of 2FA with Protectimus

The advantages of Protectimus are not a marketing ploy – they are real

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Simplicity of Integration and Use

Simplicity of use starts with the first step: registering in the service

Very little time is required for integration with our service. All you need to do is:

  • Register an account;
  • Complete the process of intuitive setup for your system;
  • Download an existing library for your system’s programming language;
  • Integrate Protectimus with your system through the API.

The system is ready to be used!

Cost Saving

Protectimus is currently the most affordable solution that will allow you to integrate two-factor authentication with any system.

We Value Your Time

At all stages of work, Protectimus service will be saving you time!

  • Through the service’s accessibility
  • Through simple integration
  • Through our efficient support service
  • Through the support of OATH standards

Support of OATH Standards

Support of the ОАТН standards guarantees several important advantages:

  • The algorithm has been tested in real market conditions for many years.
  • You can use already existing tokens from third-party manufacturers, for example, SafeNet, Yubico, and other companies.
  • Support of ОАТН by the community that includes the world’s largest companies operating in the field of authentication security.

Flexible and Convenient API (Program Interface)

A flexible API and an API-clients in the programming language used in your system will make the integration process simple and quick. It will only require downloading the required modules and simple adaptation work in the authentication system of your resource.

Customized Service Plans

You do not need to pay for things you do not use. You can choose only the services you need, which means that your money will be spent with maximum efficiency.

Free Testing

We feel confident about our product; therefore, we offer you a possibility to test it for free and give you $25 in your account to test all the system’s features and functions.